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The king calls for the girl, shuts her in a tower room filled with straw and a spinning wheel, and demands she spin the straw into gold by morning or he will cut off her head (other versions have the king threatening to lock her up in a dungeon forever).When she has given up all hope, an imp-like creature appears in the room and spins the straw into gold in return for her necklace (since he only comes to people seeking a deal/trade).

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Finally, after the birth of the queen’s first child, Rumpelstiltskin returns in order to claim her child as she promised him.

He gives her three days to figure out his name or he will take her child.

The number three is used throughout the fairytale I. “(The little man) sat down before the spinning wheel, and whir, whir, whir, three times pulled, and the spool was full.

” Also, the king makes the girl turn straw into gold in 3 different rooms over 3 separte nights therefore giving her three chances to prove her talent.

” This shows that greed equals power in his mind and he cares little about anything else.

The little man ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ who helps the millers daughter turn straw into gold is very greedy.Finally I found this interesting but it is perhaps not symbolism.“The queen took fright and offered the little man all the wealth of the kingdom if he would let her keep the child, but the little man said, “No.When next morning the king takes the girl to a larger room filled with straw to repeat the feat, the imp once again spins, in return for the girl's ring.On the third day, when the girl has been taken to an even larger room filled with straw and told by the king that he will marry her if she can fill this room with gold or execute her if she cannot, the girl has nothing left with which to pay the strange creature.Something living is dearer to me than all the treasure of the world. In conclusion I think Rumpelstiltskin has many different interpretations and I could use the text for a lot of different type of literary criticism.” I thought it was interesting that the miller cared more about power than his daughter as he offers her to the king; the king cared more about acquiring gold than the life of the girl; but the little evil man valued something living above material wealth. On the third night, he informs her that if she again succeeds in spinning the straw to gold, she shall become his wife. The king is so desperate for gold he keeps the miller’s daughter in the castle for three nights under threat of death.He does not ask her opinion; she has no power to refuse his decision. When he takes her as a wife, he thinks to himself, “Even if she is only a miller’s daughter, I will not find a richer wife in all the world.This represents his desire to get-rich-quick without earning his money.We could also see this as another theme of greed, he is not prepared to work for money but he is prepared to use his daughter to get some.


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