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The new historiography was as vast a lie as that which it sought to displace.

The new historiography was as vast a lie as that which it sought to displace.

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By now you may have forgotten about Ward Churchill.

He is the angry professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado whose perspective on the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, was so cruel and grotesque that school officials immediately tried to fire him when they learned of his published writings on the topic.

The judge declared that jurors through their $1 verdict had judged Churchill not to have suffered any "actual damages" as a result of his ouster.

The judge then delivered the coup de grace: If I granted reinstatement I believe there is a substantial likelihood that there would be future disputes about the propriety of Professor Churchill's academic conduct, as well as the Department of Ethnic Studies' ability to evaluate the probity and veracity of his scholarship.

Fact is, for a long time Zionism didn't have much support among Jews.

I recommend Lenni Brenner's Zionism in the Age of the Dictators." And his broader views are an example of that peculiar mash-up of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli, anti-American foreign policy, cant that very often seems to be verging on being attacks on Jews more broadly " Is the lame statement that a prospective academic scholar chooses for the defense of his own thesis.The scholar to be had many high scholarly sounding epithets with which he lambasted Churchill including the objectively correct, intellectually unchallengeable and unassailable paradigm that : “When political motive is allowed to intermingle so promiscuously with scholarship, a diminished valorization of objectivity is inevitable. However here he, De Witt himself, seems to have fallen into that same vile pit of “intermingling political motive with scholarship”, and fails that same righteously proclaimed test when he needlessly brings in Churchill’s “pro Palestinian” attitude and he himself commits that same malfeasance of “positive political correctness.” that he so indignantly condemns in Churchill.I wondered why Larry De Witt is so worked up over Ward Churchill.I now understand after visiting his website and discovering that he is trying to burnish the reputation of Christopher Columbus.He thinks they are deliberately obscuring the holocaust against Native Americans.He thinks that some use the Holocaust as a cover for Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, an opinion shared by Norman Finkelstein.The "professor" and his supporters cheered the verdict.It was portrayed as a victory for the First Amendment and academic freedom. That trial judge ruled that Churchill could not return to the university after all; that there was too much proof—duh—that the relationship between employer and employee was irretrievably broken.You find his remarks at a public forum "muddled," but his point seems clear to me.He is saying that Israel's settler colonialism, Zionism, is anti-Jewish and was not supported by rabbinical councils at that time.


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