Problem Solving Interactive Games

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Not only is a treasure hunt a great way to build problem-solving skills, it can also teach kids how to work together, an integral part of most preschool activities.

Decide on 5 to 10 locations around the house and write out one clue to place at each location. At the end of the clue trail, leave something exciting like a snack or the next fun activity.

Preschoolers can learn how to create a basic paper airplane with practice.

You can challenge them to take it a step further, however, by asking them to create an airplane that can fly the farthest.

For example, she suggests providing children with blocks, a piece of wood, balls and colored tape.

Challenge students to use the blocks to build a ramp for the ball to roll down that will make the ball reach a given line of tape.Children will realize that they need to think before they begin in order to create a sturdy structure.Gallini has several engineering games on her preschool's website that can be helpful for nannies or babysitters of preschoolers.Make rows of dots — five dots in each of five rows, for starters — and then take turns drawing one line to connect the dots horizontally or vertically. If so, hold a contest to see who can build the tallest skyscraper in a given amount of time.Players who complete a box can write their initials in the box and take another turn. You can use whatever building materials you have available — blocks, Legos or other building toys — but emphasize that the "skyscraper" needs to stand independently.The results indicate a significant influence of computer games on game players’ performance in an unfamiliar game.The most frequently referred comment is direct strategy, next are game rules and cues, monitoring and game progress.The Mathseeds lessons teach a variety of problem solving strategies using interactive manipulatives to solve increasingly difficult math problems.Every Mathseeds lesson also has a printable problem‑solving task targeting higher‑level critical thinking skills.They'll need to use their problem-solving skills to figure out how each change slightly affects the way the plane flies.This classic game is fun for preschoolers to play with each other or an adult.


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