Problem Solving Fractions

Before even beginning with word problems, I always introduce multiplying and dividing fractions (separately) with a context/situation.And then we work through the situation and solve the problem/ answer the question using models.

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This will help them if they choose the wrong operation.

In addition to the above anchor chart, we also do a word problem sort.

After dinner that night, she ate 1/4 of the chocolate fudge that she bought. To do this, I use this anchor chart to show some of the situations and contexts that require multiplication and division of fractions.

We discuss each one and how it relates back to multiplication and division.

I do this by using resources from my Multiplying and Dividing Fractions resource.

This resource includes: Click here to purchase the Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Resource from my TPT store.

These grade 3 worksheets give a selection of word problems dealing with fractions.

The material is introductory level and is intended to highlight the use of fractions in real life situations.

Free Fraction Fun with Snacks Printables: If you can use food in your instruction, your students will love reviewing fraction operations (multiplication and division) using Twizzlers, skittles, and brownies.

4 Ways to Teach Students to Make Common Denominators: Read about the four ways I teach my students to find common denominators and grab a free printable.


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