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When selecting the Room Assignment (Rm Assign) button from the Room Plan (Ctrl F3) screen, OPERA initially carries over and auto populates the arrival Date and Room Type into the appropriate search fields.This automatically displays the reservations that are due to arrive for that date, for that room type, and for the number of nights for which the room number selected on the Room Plan is available.

For male examinees, it must be a white polo shirt with collar and decent pants or slacks.

For female examinees, should wear a white blouse or shirt with a collar without any seal, logo, or mark and slacks or decent pants.

" Respond Yes to continue with the move and change the RTC to the new room type (Yes is the default).

Respond No to continue with the move without changing the RTC from what appears on the Reservation screen.

Examinees will be ground for cancellation of examination when they are non-compliance with test instructions.

Do not bring the following inside the examination rooms/premises: Books, notes, review materials, and other printed materials containing coded data/ information/formula; Programmable calculators; Mobile phone, beepers, portable computers or similar gadgets/devices; Bags of any kind (ladies bag, shoulder bag, attache case, backpack, etc.); other examination aides not stated in the program.The following advanced search fields are available.Enter a time to search for reservations that have a specific estimated arrival time noted on the reservation.When you select the Room Assignment option the following screen is displayed.When you select the Room Assignment (Rm Assign) button from the Room Plan (Ctrl F3) screen, the following screen is displayed.Please follow the instructions below to access this information.or use the Room Assignment (Rm Assign) button from the Room Plan screen (Ctrl F3) to access the Room Assignment screen.For example, in the Room Plan should room 1000 be available for arrival on 01/01 for 2 nights, i.e.another reservation is due to arrive for room 1000 on 01/03, when using the Room Assignment functionality from within the Room Plan, the initial defaulting reservations displayed will be 1 and 2 night reservations.By using this field it is possible to have the reservation be inventoried on one room type, but charged as if it was another room type (the room type specified in the RTC field).When you move a guest's reservation to a room which has a different room type, a prompt appears: "Room type has been changed to ?


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