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For instance, when a child is in high school, the benefits of homework is at its peak for effectiveness.

However, when that student was in middle school, homework was only half as effective, and at the elementary level, it had only one-quarter of the effectiveness, if any.

Numerous assignments are given every day – essays, reviews, exercises, projects, etc.

It is no wonder that most students are disgusted at doing homework.

Each day, especially in the higher grades, students are assigned homework to complete and return to school for the teacher to grade.

The impact of homework on student achievement has been widely studied.

This gives the students the responsibility of ensuring their work is done.

If the student chooses not to do her homework, she is the one who suffers the consequences.

The impact of homework on student achievement can be measured at different times of the student's academic career.

The older a student is, the greater the positive impact homework has in most circumstances.


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