Poorly Written Research Papers

Then, the topic is forgotten until a year or two later when a new sensational article is published that claims something entirely different.

It’s good for some laughs, though you might wonder if your own research abstract is any better.

An increasingly large number of research papers are being published despite having terrible grammar. For one reason, there’s no reward for a well-written paper.

So long as the English is passable, further improvements on a paper’s readability will not help it get published in a better journal.

Perhaps scientists switched to English in the 18 century because they wanted to make their findings more accessible – but that gesture has been lost on today’s researchers.

In an era when books, the media and presidents are all using quantifiably simpler English, scientists are using increasingly complex English.Instead of struggling to interpret research papers, most people rely on the news to deliver the most *important* scientific updates. The way media covers scientific research leaves the public with no choice but to mistrust scientists. if you’re wondering why research papers are so hard to read, you should first congratulate yourself for your desire to read them and judge their evidence for yourself. Now we just need to get the message out to scientists that we are thirsting for knowledge – it just needs to be slightly more palatable.Unfortunately, media only covers sensational findings, which often disagree with numerous reports methodically proving the opposite point. This is the first of a series of articles about how to critically read research papers. Unfortunately, specialized language also locks away knowledge that only the educated class can access.As Europe discovered during the Middle Ages, this strategy can backfire.If you’ve ever tried to read primary literature and felt completely overwhelmed, you are not alone.That confusing jumble of words, numbers and charts was practically designed to be complicated and boring. Read on for a little history about academic literature and its current crisis.It’s not that scientists are trying to confuse the general public…they aren’t thinking about the average person at all.That’s not just an opinion: Researchers examined hundreds of thousands of abstracts from research papers written between 18 and found that they have become less readable over time. Words are esoteric and contain more syllables – and sentences are longer.Not only that, but a smaller study of neuroimaging research articles found that the more important a paper is (published in journals with a higher impact factor), the less readable it is.


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