Phd Thesis In Organic Chemistry

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If the doctoral student and the thesis supervisor(s) consider that part of the thesis needs to be protected, due to the nature of the research that has been carried out, confidentiality should be requested and the following additional documents must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at the University of Barcelona: Once the submission of the thesis has been authorized, the doctoral student must contact the Faculty Secretary to start the procedures for the public thesis defence.The thesis defence must take place on University of Barcelona premises, in accordance with the University of Barcelona regulations, and must be held within three months of the date of the thesis submission.At the end of each year you will undergo an evaluation, which is to ensure that you have the potential to gain a doctorate.

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By the end of the third year you must pass a last evaluation, which is to ensure that you are on track to complete the thesis within a reasonable time.

Most students who have studied the DPhil in Organic Chemistry remain in chemistry, some in the educational sector, and some go into industry, particularly the health-related industries such as pharmaceuticals.

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This is a research program leading to the DPhil in Organic Chemistry. You will be admitted as a Research Student and will join a research group in agreement and supervised by one or more members of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Research institutions (CSIC, IMDEA, etc.) sometimes in collaboration with other departments or research groups.

During the first year, in addition to starting work on your research, you will be encouraged to follow training courses, and it is recommended that you attend at least three of these.

In addition to superb research facilities, you receive training in health and safety, fire fighting, library skills and written and oral presentation skills.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Provisionally, all students who have written their theses in English must also submit a summary in Spanish or Catalan, whose length must be at least 10% of the total length of the thesis.


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