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Each of us has a "complex of values." A values complex is the set of values that we hold and the conflict, compatibility, and hierarchical relationships among them.Terminal values are the desired end-states that a person strongly wants to achieve such as "a comfortable life", "freedom", or "salvation." Each individual has a different set of terminal values in his or her values complex.People who achieve the postconventional level of moral development are trustworthy.

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In a Nutshell Identifying and focusing on our personal values helps us become successful.

By clarifying and applying our values, we can achieve · enhanced self-awareness, · more effective time management, · greater integrity, and · greater credibility as a leader In This Issue Karen Hughes: Knowing and Acting on Her Values Presidential advisor, Karen Hughes (second from the left in the photo above), is leaving Washington, D. this month to return with her family to their home in Texas.

Making your family a higher priority than your career seems to be a good example of subordinating self-centered values.

back to the top Why Values Matter Attention to our values helps us (a) become more self-aware, (b) make ethical decisions, (c) prioritize our tasks, and (d) develop credibility as a leader.

For instance, Karen Hughes values both her career and her family, and living in Washington, D. Each of us has a set of core values that we rarely subordinate to others. Karen Hughes is resolving her dilemma by making her family a higher priority, moving back to Texas, and participating in presidential decision making as much as possible from there.

Of course, valuing the right this is also very important.

The small percentage of people who progress to the highest level of moral development, the postconventional stage, make decisions on the basis of human rights, fairness and justice.

Such people are willing to ignore their self-interests and may even violate society's rules and norms in order to act in accord with their principles.

Instrumental values are convictions about a person's desired characteristics or ways of behaving such as "ambitious", "forgiving", or "polite." We possess instrumental values because we believe that each one helps us achieve our terminal values.

For instance, "ambition" may be an instrumental value that helps one progress toward the terminal value of "a comfortable life." On occasion, we encounter dilemmas where we cannot simultaneously act in accord with two of our values. We resolve such dilemmas by assessing the priority of the relevant values in our values complex.


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