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One of the most important ways to bring creative writing to life is through conversations among characters.To make those conversations clear, proper dialogue formatting and punctuation is important.

One of the most important ways to bring creative writing to life is through conversations among characters.To make those conversations clear, proper dialogue formatting and punctuation is important.While being objective can be a worthy goal, it's a chimera, a necessary fiction.

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This isn't a straight, factual recounting as with a journalist's "who, what, when, where, and why" questions either.

The immersion writer guides the reader on an emotional as well as a factual journey.

At the head of the river lie the categories of biography and autobiography.

From here, we flow on to immersion writing (or other forms of New Journalism) in which the author immerses him- or herself in an experience, before traveling on to memoir, to personal essay (including nature and travel writing), to the meditative essay, and finally spilling into the lyric essay.

Thus, these dialogue tags become even more tedious because they are redundant.

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...compared to biography or autobiography, an immersion essay or book gives the reader access to a deeper, more emotionally authentic exploration of the author's subject.Award winning essayist Scott Russell Sanders once compared the art of essay writing to ‘the pursuit of mental rabbits’—a rambling through thickets of thought in search of some brief glimmer of fuzzy truth.While some persist in the belief that essays are stuffy and antiquated, the truth is that the personal essay is an ever-changing creative medium that provides an ideal vehicle for satisfying the human urge to document truths as we experience them and share them with others—to capture a bit of life on designed to help you explore the flexibility and power of the personal essay in your own writing.This hands-on, creativity-expanding guide will help you infuse your nonfiction with honesty, personality, and energy.However, given the inevitable subjectivity of the author toward his or her subject, as well as the fact that these two forms have such a long literary tradition, it would be difficult to begin our journey elsewhere.Biography is a fairly consistent, factual rendering of someone's life, usually a chronological account of "first this happened and then this next thing happened." The author is to be objective-although this isn't really possible.Fortunately, there are only a few simple rules or conventions to keep in mind when writing dialogue. Note that punctuation goes inside the quotation marks, and periods change to commas since with “said tags” the spoken words are part of the same sentence as the tag.Dialogue tags are signals that tell the reader which character is speaking. The first type of dialogue tag can be referred to as the “said tag.” “Said tags” utilize verbs for communicating words. For the same reason “said” and “asked” are not capitalized in the above examples.Yet because this river is a continuum, we'll also find that the ports of call are sometimes so close together that it's difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins.Port of Call #1: Biography A case could be made that biography and autobiography should not be included in the genre of nonfiction, in the same tributary as academic and scholarly writing or journalism.


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