Peer Editing Checklist For Cause/Effect Essay

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Dancers forget steps, turn too slowly, or miss beats.

For both athletes and dancers, the more they practise, the stronger their performance will become.

A third and final type of checking is for you (the writer) to check the work yourself.

Of course, if you are checking a short essay during an exam, only the final type is possible.

After you have written your first draft, the next stage of the writing process is to check your work.

This page explains types of checking, what to check and how to check.

The most authoritative type, of course, is for your tutor to check your work and give feedback.

However, teachers do not always have the time to do this.

Try them throughout the writing process; then keep using the ones that bring results. You are proud of what you wrote, but you might be too close to it to make changes. For many people, the words provoke only negative feelings that make them blush, grumble, or shout.

Set aside your writing for a few hours or even a day until you can look at it objectively. However, as a writer and a thinker, you need to learn to be critical of yourself in a positive way and have high expectations for your work.


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