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Persuasive writing uses words to convince the reader to listen or to act.According to the Oxford English Dictionary, being persuasive means that you are ‘Good at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptation’.When you combine pathos, logos and ethos, you're using the rhetorical triangle of effective persuasion. Pathos (emotion) is only one way to effectively persuade your reader.

Persuasive writing uses words to convince the reader to listen or to act.

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Your ethos also increases when you use a balanced approach, which you can do by considering opposing views.

You can also increase your credibility by using outside sources for support.

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Pathos is an argument that appeals to a reader's emotions.

A common fallacy with pathos is the slippery slope.

Example of slippery slope: The recent increase in tuition at the state university is a sign that no one will be able to afford college in five years.

This fallacy exploits your reader's fears, and undermines your credibility.

Always use the tool of pathos carefully, and avoid relying too heavily on emotion to persuade.


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