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Without thought, or "conscience", the action can be untimely and uncontrolled as would a "wild beast." In 1999, two young men went on a shooting rampage at Columbine High School.This rash action, lacking conscience or concept of right and wrong, did not exhibit courage.

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Moral courage and job satisfaction should go hand in hand and they should never be an option, but a ready-made choice that cannot be changed in any other way.

A lot of people out there are distressed about their jobs and even more than them there are miserable precisely because they lack the moral courage to stand up for their rights and for the rights of their colleagues.

It takes a great deal of courage to actually talk to one’s boss and shoulder the responsibility of one’s words.

Even more, most of the people out there feel that such things would actually bring them on the brink of collapsing into unemployment and depression.

Courage and recklessness are two sides of the same coin: they both result in a single person performing an extraordinary task.

Courage tends to be a concept associated with the brave, whereas recklessness is akin with the foolish.Seeing someone treated badly should be an alarm signal for everybody out there and even if they risk losing their job or being considered as dispensable assets of the company in which they work.In the end, it is much better to stand up for what one believes in than to live in misery and sickness at the thought of the things that happened around him/her.However, they cannot be seen as courageous because of the lack of good motivation and value behind them.Even if one's courageous action does not turn out to be effective, others will know that the right intentions existed. For example, the terrorists involved with the September 11th tragedy were not considered to be courageous here in the United States. Nothing positive resulted from their actions, so the United States and her allies looked upon this as a cowardly action.Courage is defined by the motivations and thoughts that exist within the action.Most of the times, people find it difficult to live the lives they have always wanted to do.However, the truth is that the power lies in each and every one of the people out there when it comes to making a difference (even if it’s a small one).Ernest Hemingway perhaps best defined courage as being “grace under pressure”, which suggests the idea that in a difficult situation, a person makes a well-judged, thought out decision that results in the best possible outcome.However, has a spectrum all of its own in terms of ‘what is courage’.


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