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Google Scholar Profile Curriculum vitae ORCID: Deterministic and stochastic isochrons of a planar conductance based model, see Thomas and Lindner, 2014. Ion channel fluctuations, irregular synaptic barrages and other sources of ``noise'' limit the precision and reliability with which nerve cells produce action potentials.

A., Yale University, 1990 (Physics and Philosophy) M.

S., The University of Chicago, 1994 (Mathematics) M.

``Stochastic Network Models in Neuroscience: A Festschrift for Jack Cowan.

Thomas, ``Stochastic Representations of Ion Channel Kinetics and Exact Stochastic Simulation of Neuronal Dynamics'', Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 38(1): 67-82 (Jan.

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Lecture on Asymptotic Phase for Stochastic Oscillators. The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience is hosting a special issue in honor of Jack Cowan. Effects of phase offset on response to a two-frequency current stimulus in a cortical cell recorded in vitro. What is the origin and functional significance of precise temporal patterns in the ``neural code''?

BIRS Workshop on Particle-Based Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Models in Biology (Participant), November 9-14, 2014. Problems of current interest include (1) Relation of noise spectrum and intensity and input shape and amplitude to spike time precision in single cell models (integrate-and-fire, conductance based models).

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