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Gravure printing originated in the early nineteenth century.

The process did not become widespread until the early twentieth century, however, when newspapers embraced this new technology.

personal: the topics seemed insignificant, or else too important to be aired for an audience of strangers.

The essays that drew the most attention tended to fall within certain categories.

Characterized by quality halftone reproductions printed at high speed on a variety of paper stock, gravure printing allowed the newspaper industry to reproduce photographs and art work on a mass scale on inexpensive newsprint paper.

The technology adopted by newspapers is more precisely called rotogravure—gravure printing from an etched cylinder as opposed to a flat plate.

There were those that incited outrage by giving voice to horrible, uncharitable thoughts, like “My Former Friend’s Death Was a Blessing” (xo Jane again) and “I’m Not Going to Pretend I’m Poor to Be Accepted by You” (Thought Catalog).

Finally, there were those essays that directed outrage at society by describing incidents of sexism, abuse, or rape.

From this process evolved photogravure—gravure printing where a plate is etched from a photographic image.

Fox Talbot of Great Britain produced the first photographic negatives in 1852.


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