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During the transition from a high school writer to a collegiate writer, my strength at understanding the basic principles of Finding an introductory paragraph that hooks the reader can be troublesome, but throughout the course, I have spent considerable time developing that technique.

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Analyzing my strengths and weaknesses as a writer is extremely important.

Despite the fact that I understand the structure of a good argument, I still miss obvious errors in my papers because I lack the skills necessary to properly proofread my own work.

Since my childhood, my parents taught me to work on my character all the time. It is impossible to eradicate all negative features, but we can make them less noticeable and harmful.

The question is whether a person is ready to admit his character with all its good and bad aspects.

I'm determined to change and am working towards that change.

“What does not kill you makes you stronger.” This is my favorite quotation which always reminds me never to give up.

In addition, my conclusions summarize the papers without restating unnecessary information.

Overall, my comprehension of the basic format of an argument has proved to be a valuable asset.

Constant practice, however, has eliminated many of my original difficulties, and helped to inspire confidence in my skills.

As a collegiate writer, my strength lies in my clear understanding of the fundamentals of writing, while my primary weakness is proofreading my own work.


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