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I believe many people would find your self-taught-no-CS-degree experience very interesting. Did research on all the textbooks and read maybe half, just the ones that have been deemed "classics" and great literature. I've had similar issues although I have a lot of support; mostly chronic un(der)employment; substance abuse and briefly was quasi-homeless.I replied to another user "40acres" in this thread about my process, check that out for additional details. "Tushar Roy - Coding Made Simple" on You Tube was a massive help. I finally have a few waiter & landscaping gigs and a roof so def lucky AF, but now that I've ticked off the bottom few runs on Maslow's heirarchy I wou[comment broke] ..- Did you buy, rent, or download the suggested books? Also any Erik Demaine lecture, including his grad work in paper folding. I always watch lectures speed up to 1.2x speed and watch them in order. Can you talk more about your experience being homeless? Also how long does it take for you to get through the readings? I just don't understand why we need to donate to OCW. If someone can use OCW to advance their knowledge and opportunity in society, and then later in their career voluntarily contribute back something, that is a good model for some people.

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Mit Open Course Work

You can't just spend as much as you want on whatever you want. Even if you can afford to run something for free, accepting donations is a great way to measure your impact. I agree with you for the most part, but we can't forget that this OCW thing is something MIT never had to do.If I don't get something, rewind, hear it over and over until I get it. Why do ordinary people need to donate to these mega institutions to fund things that mega endowed entities (the government, these mega universities) should be paying for. Also, the arguably opportunistic behavior of the lending market and universities and the devaluing of education via diploma mills.Contrast this with the government's role in creating a vocational structure that saddles students with enormous debt right at the start of their working life And contrast that with how it was a few decades ago when the government funded universities and a summer job was enough to pay your yearly tuition.Also tons of books teaching soft skills, which is hugely important. I would really like to know more about your experience in detail as I feel it might help with my journey. If googling/stack exchange doesn't help I try again later or the next day. - AFTER coming up from rock bottom; did you have a long term goal or simply stability and how did you manage yourself mentally to continue?Almost everytime I am able to figure it out immediately upon the second try after sleep or X hours have past, strange how that works. I am also working through MIT OCW classes, currently on 6.0001 (Introduction to CS using Python). I taught myself programming, I enjoy the ability to understand technology and solve everyday issues as well as build things.The current loan system is an awful mess of perverse incentives.When people talk about what the government should be doing, they're not talking about the current system.Thanks for your time, keep kicking ass, here's to continued growth and evolution of us all Since you successfully passed the Google interview, can you comment on how much the OCW content prepared you for it? IMHO, curiosity and desire to learn form the basis of any good technologist career.Or did you have to supplement with other algorithm books? And arguably they are very important for a happy and fulfilled life. Wyatt, You're story is inspiring of course and I have 2 questions if I may.Also most companies would consider "fresh undergraduates" people graduating soon or who graduated less than 12 months ago so you still have time.In general you don't want to spam a company for the same position, it's good to wait for 8-12 months before re-applying, so if your desired position usually accept fresh new-grad, you might want to retry before [your graduation date 12 months] but after at least ~8 months.


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