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One is of a Massachusetts couple seeking a rationale—“Our system has worked better than any other”—for the loss of their son.Another is of a paraplegic veteran who bemoans his loss of patriotic fervor.

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Particularly effective are three recurring interview vignettes.

Controversy marked the public debut of the film, at the height of the international and domestic furor over our involvement in Vietnam.

Davis had already come to prominence with the television documentaries Hunger in America (1968) and The Selling of the Pentagon (1971) when Hearts and Minds was greeted with enthusiasm at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1974.

In another sequence, a young Saigon businessman in his office describes himself as “a Johnny-come-lately, as far as war profiteering is concerned,” and talks of his agglomeration of American business franchises in anticipation of peace.

Quick cut to what, for a second or two, looks like a factory worker polishing pink plastic.


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