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I've always been interested in understanding simple physical systems, ranging from the dimer model to hard spheres and soft-matter systems. disorder, for example in phase transitions or the study of defects in ground states. My preference is for a mixture of concrete and abstract mathematics.

I love concrete problems, especially those arising in science and technology, and I'm particularly happy when abstract mathematics turns out to be useful.

Arguably, performant fork() doesn't need overcommit either.

If you have enough RAM, you can reserve pages at fork() and release them at exec(), without having to actually populate those pages except as-needed for COW.

For example, Git rather suffers in performance on Window because of the lack of that call (amongst other things). (Nt Create Process can be given a source address space.) These researchers happen to be right.

fork requires overcommit, and overcommit is the enemy of guaranteed forward progress.

If you're interested in the future of mathematical publishing, you should read the article that Douglas Arnold and I wrote about the Elsevier boycott for the Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

My principal research projects are currently on sphere packing, energy minimization, and fast matrix multiplication.

You could even stall fork() calls elsewhere in the system, rather than immediately returning -ENOMEM, if the system thinks its memory pressure is due only to such short-term reservations.

This only leads to problems in the case where you have a single-process behemoth with huge amounts of writable anonymous pages; also known as a badly-designed program.


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