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This increases pressure on employees to work longer hours at the expense of their private lives, as well as creating another way for employers to track their activities.Employees who choose to opt-out of company monitoring programs can also suffer real financial costs.

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Other increasingly intrusive forms of monitoring are already seen as an inescapable reality within many workplaces.

For example, remote access to emails means some workers are expected to be on call at any time.

But that probably won’t stop some employers seeing what they can get away with at a time when it’s increasingly common to let private companies know almost everything about us.

Published: 22 November 2018 Author: Shainaz Firfiray, is Associate Professor of Organisation and Human Resource Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license.

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The technology requires two physical components: readers and tags. Today, RFID chips are no longer limited in application to inanimate objects.We’ve already seen how employers can use data ostensibly gathered for benign purposes to discriminate against workers.For example, personality tests designed to assess what job someone is most suited to have come under scrutiny for discriminating against people with mental health issues.Most companies using these chips present them in this fairly innocuous way and think the fear surrounding their use arises from misplaced suspicions.But too much monitoring can make employees feel spied on, damaging their productivity, creativity and motivation as well as their personal well-being.What’s more, employers’ motivations for introducing chip implants are unlikely to be entirely altruistic.There is nothing to stop them from using the technology to track employees’ whereabouts or activities outside work.These include surveillance of employee emails, wearable technology that can track employee movements, and radio tags on factory products that allow bosses to monitor how fast workers on an assembly line are operating.But implanting microchips in employees creates a new level of monitoring and control simply because workers can’t easily remove them or turn them off.The chips can be reprogrammed while inside the body, modifying their use and purpose from what might have initially been agreed between the employer and the employee.And this ability to track an employee’s location without their knowledge raises serious ethical concerns regarding their right to privacy.


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