Mentorship Assignment

Mentorship Assignment-49
In some organizations, an employee called a buddy, is assigned to a new employee for new employee orientation and onboarding.

A mentor can also serve as a sounding board as the new employee is assimilated into the company.

The mentor can help the continuing employee become more knowledgeable and effective in their current job.

Mentoring is provided in addition to your new employee onboarding process and should have different content and goals.

Many organizations assign a mentor as part of their formal employee onboarding process.

Or, they develop professionally over time through a relationship developed through such activities as an active professional association membership.

Mentorship Assignment

You should consider your questions and criteria thoroughly, thinking about all possible aspects, and including the argument both for and against different viewpoints.

Mentoring is a formal or informal relationship established between an experienced, knowledgeable employee and an inexperienced or new employee.

The purpose of a mentor is to help the new employee quickly absorb the organization's cultural and social norms.

A mentor is provided in addition to the other components in a new employee onboarding process.

A mentor for employee onboarding may be the peer of the new employee, a coworker who is more knowledgeable and experienced or a supervisor or a team leader.


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