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Mcsl-036 Solved Assignment-90
Explain how have you the (b) the following conversion of numbers: I) Decimal to binary and hexadecimal ii) Hexadecimal (ABCDEFOLI into Octal ASCII string Computer 5153 into UTF 8 string Octal into Decimal (2 hint) Daign acircuit following HA, 11c, o: 1 (2,3,4, 5, 1c, 11, 12, Draw the truth table.Use the map to designthe circuit and draw it using AND, OR gates. Explain with the help of How many parity bits are needed to detect and correct a single hit are: in a data? Explain from (ii) is the capacity of RAIv I in Hmv many address lines are needed for this Give reason in support of your (2 A computer has MI and has a word sizeof 16 hits. memory address to cache addras, if (i) Direct cache mapping is used Associative cache mapping is used may set associative cache mapping is the between Single precision and double precision point numbers? Isiah) (d) Assime that a disk has tacks with each track having 64 sectors and each sector is of size 512 K.

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Links) Question 4 Block 4) a progani 3035 assembly Language (with proper comments) that accepts fem characters entered using the keyboard.

It checks if all these characters are decimal digits.

Why are negative point nmnbers represented in complement form?

Give ample of point numbers (positive as well as negative) assuming the size of the notation to be 3 hits (including sign Perform the following arithmetic operations using signed 2.75 complement 3 hit representation. given below are in decimal notation) Add Subtract item 45 Please indicate if it is occms.

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are the advantages of using large register in RISC?

How REC instruction pipelininlg other instruction Cl Malia) (e) A REC machine has 123 registers out of which 32 registers are reserved for the Global variables and 32 Ear Instruction related tasks.

Negative numbers are represented in complemented form so that it becomes easy to perform arithmetic operations on numbers. Add and in complement 11 in complement Decimal Carry out Sign Magnitude 1 1 1 1 in complement 128 in binary ii.

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