Mba Investment Banking Essay

Although this kind of reverse introduction is not “all purpose,” it can be a feasible option in many circumstances.

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Expecting to work and not having registered for classes, I scrambled to find a new company for my 3rd semester, got an interview against all odds, and failed to get the job. The pursuit of knowledge was so revered within my household that my family named me [XYZ], which means Mother of Knowledge in my native language.My friend scored a 780 on the GMAT, has an uncle on the Board at Harvard, a HBS alumnus dad, and she has a great job in [Big Asian city]; still yet she was not accepted into HBS. ” This was my best friend’s response upon learning I was applying to the Harvard MBA.The truth is she was not saying anything I had not recited to myself countless times; “HBS was too far a reach”.Another task that requires skill is determining when to use the active voice.Many writers use the passive voice in their essays, but the best writers know it should be used only rarely, if ever.In that regard, there are some fairly grabby leads.Consider how this young American woman begins with her family’s financial difficulties while she was in college so the admissions committee might gain a greater appreciation for the path she followed into investment banking and financial technology: During my first year at the [United States College], my parents declared bankruptcy.Consider this example of the passive voice: In this sentence, the verb (or action) is diminished because the writer says the marathon “was run.” A better way of describing the same activity is to use the active voice, as illustrated in this example: Remember—you are the center and subject of your essays.The best way to tell your stories and explain your accomplishments is to make sure that you are the catalyst of the stories you tell.By taking this approach instead, you may capture your reader’s imagination more quickly and reduce the risk of being lost amid similar candidates.Consider these examples: (1) a software analyst who is now a project manager managing a budget and leading a team of 20 programmers and (2) an investment banking analyst who is now in his/her third year with a company and has been sent abroad to work directly with a CFO.


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