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Add to that the fact that many students have little-to-no idea what the person marking their work is actually looking for, and this sets the average student on a course for struggle before they’ve even begun.With that in mind, the goal of the blog posts in this series on marking is to reveal some of the realities of marking and the marking process so that students can know what they are up against.Source: Australian system, multiple essay based departments' work cultures amongst permanent members of staff; and multiple rounds of multiple sites of collective contract negotiations with casual employees; as a Trade Unionist and department level administrator with previous pay responsibility.

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If there are multiple people sometimes it is necessary to have a collaborative meeting, and even co-grade several essays to make sure you are being consistent.

For essays people typically make rubrics with which to grade, and this focuses the content for your review (as well as makes expectations explicit to students).

Thus if a student requests feedback it will be possible to give them some.

In the humanities 4000-5000wd an hour for commented responses on essays.

Other elements will impact how long the grading takes.

Such as are you grading all of the exams by yourself or are there other professors/teaching assistants grading exams.Most students assume that this process is fair, and that they are being graded by the standards established by the university.Students often also believe that the markers are not biased, hold all students to the same standard, and that each marker would grade any one paper in a similar way. It is also true that the economic realities that many universities face have seriously altered this rather old fashioned ideal.Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Writing essays and dissertations, at any level of university study, is a tough task.The more focused the rubric the easier your task of grading becomes.The only other advice I would give is I typically read all of the essays once, making small comments, marks and notes for myself, and then go back through a second time and grade the papers. Not being able to give students feedback is awful for learning, so I would suggest (if possible) you at least keep notes for yourself and/or keep copies of the essays for a short period.Generally, students would prefer to have a class taught by a professor who has published and researched in their area and become famous.Sadly, in order for many professors to keep up with the demands of publishing they will have to cut back on the time they can devote to other areas of their work, and one of these is marking.Let us suppose that you have a course with a professor and they have set you the task of writing a seven-page paper (a modest length).This professor is fairly popular and has an average class size of 20-25 students.


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