Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized In Canada Essay

Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized In Canada Essay-24
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The youth market is particularly price sensitive and will be excellent customers for the illegal growers and pushers.

An aspect that is worrying the police departments is that there is currently no reliable test for cannabis impairment.

The opioid crisis shows us that the illegal production and distribution of a drug is a roughshod process, with little regard for quality control or even the survival of the customer.

This method does have an upside: it is cheap, giving illegal marijuana producers a strong competitive advantage.

Many workers use forklifts, cranes, heavy equipment and dangerous power tools during their shifts.

Human resource departments regularly screen certain vocations, such as pilots and truck drivers.

Anti-drug and anti-tobacco efforts are about to be set back by light years.

Ironically, the media pictures of sterile, hydroponic greenhouses with white-suited technicians nurturing the pot plants leave the impression that this emerging industry is preparing a healthful, near-medical concoction.


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