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It is a symbol of democracy and civilization on the island where the boys find themselves.Jack has little respect for the conch from the beginning and this is seen in his behavior and his treatment of Piggy.3) "The Beast" signifies the unknown to the boys and they are afraid of it to the point of being irrational.

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With these as evidence, your essay is sure to be a success. It seems to me that the author is suggesting that all men are still savages at heart and that civilization is just a thin veneer which can easily break down when men find themselves in an unstructured setting.

(This is what happened to Kurtz in Joseph Conrad's .) The boys are particularly susceptible to reverting to savagery on his deserted island because they are young and have not been subjected to much enculturation during their brief lifetimes.

Jack capitalizes on fear and uses it and violence as a weapon to manipulate the boys in his attempts to be the leader.

Fear is a very real feeling for the boys, once the euphoria of being on a deserted island, with no adult supervision, subsides.

Your three body paragraphs would be as follows: first about the boys fighting during the novel, second about the boys bullying each other, and third about the show of emotion as revelation about their struggle.

Your conclusion would include a reworded thesis and then, possibly, an idea of a modern struggle where no authority is present.] The reaction to Ralph as the figure of authority shows the boy's immaturity in regards to their ignoring his demands, their verbal reactions, and their preference to play/hunt.

A thesis statement is an invaluable part of an essay as it allows the writer to stay focused on the main purpose of the essay.

It is a good idea to reread the thesis statement several times to ensure that the emphasis remains.

In , there are various topics which a writer could focus on, most of which hinge on the civilization versus savagery theme which William Golding portrays so vividly.

Each topic could deal with a different aspect, such as the changes in the boys in the absence of "grown-ups;" the fact that Ralph and Piggy work so hard to maintain order, stressing the importance of the conch; the different priorities of Ralph and Jack as they compete for leadership; the importance of "the beast" and how if affects the decision-making; Jack's complete descent into unrestrained evil and also the brutal loss of innocence that completes the story.


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