Literary Analysis Essay On The Book Thief

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From this we can see that there are two sides to this version of death.Death can show pity, and be kind to those who have watched their loved ones fall to his own hands.

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The Hubermann’s raise Liesel well, helping her through chaos she went through, as Liesel made friends, like her best friend and unknown lover, Rudy Steiner.

As Liesel explores her love of books and her thrive to steal she is acquainted with a Jew, who comes to hide in the Hubermann basement.

When death comes back into Liesel’s life to take her this time, he brings her a gift.

Death went back through the ruined Himmel Street to find the Liesel’s book from the rubble, and he gave her the dusty black book from his pocket,” (Zusak 549) Liesel’s book, The Book Thief.

After a stock character, named Frau Holtzapfel, spits on the door of the Hubermans, Death remarks, “Both [of her sons] were in the army and both will make cameo appearances by the time we’re finished here, I assure you.

” (Zusak 44) This hint at the future of the book is a preparation of what is to come for these characters, and if caught, is very important. Dwyer Honors English 3-4 Black 9 June 2014 Independent Novel essay Small literary devices create maximized results in the novel, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.Zusak’s novel is about a young girl, named Liesel Meminger, who after losing her brother was given away by her mother to a couple from Mochling, Germany, named Hans and Rosa Hubermann.The versatility shown within Death as a narrator gives the point of view of the book a unique character that contributes to the story.The second literary device that is used inherently is foreshadowing.This novel explores a unique method of narration by handing the point of view to Death itself.While enhancing the point of view, Death also contributes in his narration elements of foreshadowing and irony.He slowly extracted the pilot’s soul from his ruffled uniform and rescued him from the plane,” (Zusak 491) In this point of view, Death gives an imagery of being both an idea and a physical person. A second exemplar that adequately displays the diversity of the narrator is very indirectly related to Liesel.Several instances are found within the Death’s Diary chapters; these chapters describe the troubles of war in other cities.Death’s clever side note tells us, “He didn’t deserve to die the way he did,” and a few sentences later, revealed to us is: “he was not deserving of the fate that met him a Worthington 3! ” (Zusak 242) Now the reader anticipates a near death for this young character.The next instance of foreshadowing is not related to death, and gives away no more than a slice of what is about to come in the story.


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