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• Chairman of the Porter Beach Foundation with the mission of promoting undergraduate education in genetics and developmental biology.

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It is exciting to be able to help authors showcase their findings by providing specific ideas that improve the content and readability of the manuscript and perhaps enhance the possibility of publication in target journals.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback and encouragement from both senior editors and clients have motivated me to continue helping researchers publish their work.

Our experience with editing 25,000 manuscripts across 100 subjects along with the most highly qualified editing team makes our expertise in the Life Sciences worth envying.

If you’re unable to find the exact subject for your paper, please contact us and we’ll find the right expert for you.

For example, authors tend to review published literature in the introduction section instead of clearly framing the study objectives.

Some authors find the discussion section challenging to write and tend to restate the results instead of interpreting the data.Cognitive neuroscience, Neuropathology, Neuroscience and neurology, Neurosurgery, Clinical psychiatry, Computational neuroscience, Developmental neuroscience, Neuroanatomy, Neuroimaging, Sensory systems As an editor, I have the opportunity to read about studies that cover a broad range of neuroscience topics, which I truly enjoy.I continue to read neuroscience journals and visit conferences to stay up to date on the latest developments in neuroscience and physiology.I am an avid reader and am a regular haunt on popular science websites to keep me updated on the most exciting findings in science and technology.I also read journals, such as Nature Reviews, to get a quick overview of the latest developments in my favorite subject areas such as Microbiology and Cell Biology.Your Life Sciences paper will be edited by editors who are post-doctoral research associates, Ph Ds, MDs, or highly experienced editors.Most of them are published authors with extensive experience in editing and publishing in peer-reviewed journals.Molecular biology, Microbial biotechnology, Evolutionary and developmental biology, Genetics and genomics, Immunology, Microbiology, Physiology, Population genetics, Evolutionary genetics, Stem cell engineering, Virology, Aging, Cell biology, Embryology, Enzymology and bioenergetics, Food science, Mutagenesis, Oncogenetics, Reproductive biology As a biologist, I have studied and work at high-ranking British universities and worked as part of collaborations between researchers from a variety of European countries.Through my research connections I have proofread a variety of manuscripts and grant proposals for authors whose first language is not English.• Experience in editing and proofreading manuscripts, book chapters and abstracts for other research scientists, including those whose first language is not English.• Understand the importance of communicating research findings in clear, precise terms without altering the author's intended meaning.


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