Leaving Home Essay

They are all festooned with multiple digital devices.

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In some programs, refusing to carry a charged cell phone is a scoldable offense. Today’s helicopter parents are much more likely to support their children’s desire to spend a summer or semester abroad if they are ensured constant connectivity via smartphones and tablets.

They know their son or daughter will forget to make a call, but Mom and Dad will refuse to underwrite a trip if their kids cannot take a call, or at least be geolocated.

If those sites go down, study abroad courses often grind to a halt.

Long forgotten are the exertions of making international calls by pay phone and calling cards -- not to mention those cheap blue Aérogramme sheets.

Similarly, you must keep your cool when close and distant relatives (who maybe have no real influence in your life) start sermonizing on the dos and don’ts of the new place even when they’ve never left their own city, let alone the country!

In the part of the world I come from, you will receive their advice again and again... (Beware; they may well call you and continue preaching even after you arrive.)Although you will probably be overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of starting a new chapter in your life, it’s also natural to feel emotional about leaving home to study abroad. Make them feel satisfied, as it is their love for you that is forcing them to act weirdly. This doesn’t mean you have to actually act on their advice, but it does mean you should respect it.2.

Leaving home to study abroad is not like going for a college field trip or a sleepover at your best friend’s.

You will be gone for a considerable period and it should not make you paranoid to see your family members getting emotional time and again as the date of your departure nears.

Sounds devastating, but this is what gives you invaluable life experience.

Enjoy it and know that your friends and family are rooting for you.


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