Learning Styles Assignment

Learning Styles Assignment-37
Every student's brain will not function the same in the same postural position.So when you see a student slouching in a traditional desk or chair, it may simply mean that they would learn better in more of a informal setting.

Every student's brain will not function the same in the same postural position.

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This way those who do not like being cold can simply wear another layer of clothing and be comfortable. Some students may need to sit by a bright reading lamp while others may get a headache when too much light is present.

A light level that all students find comfortable should be sought.

Most people learn best with hands-on activities, but some gain a lot more from it than others.

Some students really increase their learn potential when they are give they opportunity to do something by themselves Especially in a science classroom there should be plenty of opportunities to learn by doing.

For those who are self learners, do not force them into a group/peer-learning situation all the time.

Cooperative learning is an important learning tool but some students are more introverted than others and may have difficulty participating in group activities. Auditory learners do well with lecture, class discussions, etc.Here again, people are different and have different environmental preferences.Nevertheless, understand what effects the learning process is important to know.Visual learners benefit from a variety of ocular stimulation. These students like images and written information.They like to be able to read instructions or the text on their own to increase their understanding.When studying it is helpful for these student to use different color highlighters or pens as they are reading and taking notes.These students may also be more sensitive to visual distractions.Some students benefit greatly from group activities and other do not.For those who are peer learners, pair them with another student when possible.Some students find sound distracting and some find it calming.It may be beneficial to have several study areas established.


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