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At the same time, the role of culture in this relationship is still under-researched.

For this purpose, primary quantitative data is gathered from 100 workers of large retailer chains in the UK.

On the basis of the produced outcomes, this study concludes on whether the traditional model of reward implemented by large retailers is sufficient to effectively retain their employees.

Primary quantitative data is gathered from 100 British and 100 Chinese consumers and processed graphically and statistically.

The analysis findings indicate that cultural characteristics have a strong impact on consumer behaviour in both cultural backgrounds.

Although CSR does not lead to profit maximisation, most profit-oriented enterprises still invest heavily in infrastructure and networks.

This project attempts to identify the real purpose of CSR and its role in organisational sustainability relying on primary quantitative data collected from 100 managers of large multinational corporations.

This project attempts to bridge this gap by collecting primary data from 100 social media users who prefer making online purchases.

Through interpreting the empirical results, the researcher formulates a set of recommendations as to how to use social media more effectively to stimulate consumer purchase intentions.

From this perspective, companies should develop an effective HRM system in order to create powerful extrinsic and intrinsic motivation stimuli to ensure high levels of employee performance (Gkorezis and Kastritsi, 201).

Nevertheless, there is still no consensus on the role of these motives on employee performance in the hospitality industry.


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