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Maternal Weight, Body Mass Index and Percent Body Fat at Six Months Postpartum of Women Gaining Greater than 35 Pounds During Pregnancy . Crumpton, Frances L., Watous, Elizabeth D., and Weisenback, Sharon M.

Development of a Proposal for Parental Therapy Certification Program to Be Used by Nursing Service at Naval Medical Treatment Facilities .

Dès lors, comment penser la coexistence et de potentielles corrélations entre deux substances a priori hétérogènes, comment l’impalpable de la pensée pourrait-elle trouver dans la matérialité du corps autre chose qu’un obstacle, que quelque chose qui en freine et restreint l’activité ?

The following theses and dissertations are on file at the Stitt Medical Library, Bethesda, Maryland; abstracts are available for many of them. The Effect of Antistasis Footboard Exercises on Selected Measures of Exertion.

Increasing the Response Rate of the Patient Satisfaction Survey of Inpatients at National Naval Medical Center.

Nursing Shortage 1988: The Nurse Administrator's Perceptions and Solutions to the Problem.

Clients' Knowledge of Medications Taken for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Value Orientations, Barriers and Benefits, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Young Filipino Women.

Validation of the Defining Characteristics of the Nursing Diagnosis Hypothermia.

Perception of Nurse Practitioners' Role and Job Satisfaction in the U.


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