Kurt Hovind Thesis Phd

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For example, Samuel Kounaves argues evolutionary naturalists include “99.9999 percent of the scientific community” (Kounaves 2005, p. The sources for the members of this list include primarily persons of my acquaintance, from their involvement in creationist or Darwin Doubter organizations, or books that they have written.

The list is very incomplete, and I apologize for the many omissions.

Some on this list are now involved full time in speaking and writing on origins, and no longer depend on secular employment to put bread on the family table.

Many are also retired, thus no longer face retaliation for their doubts about Darwin.

A few accept common decent but reject the Darwinisn mechanism.

Most all persons on this list are also skeptical of the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. I contacted most of those on this list but, if they have published books or articles that clearly express doubts about Darwinism, or were active in various creation or ID movements, I did not always contact them. Most of the following worldwide scientists and educators (by the time this list was published some may be deceased) all reject “Darwinism” according to the following definition: The belief that evolution and common decent can account for the existence of all life. The evidences for the evolution of man are sufficient to convince every scientist of note in the world.” …H. Osborn of Columbia University writes: “Evolution has long since passed out of the domain of speculation, of hypothesis, and even of theory. It is a law of living nature as firmly and incontrovertibly established as the law of gravitation in respect to the celestial spheres” (Duncan, 1931, pp. Others acknowledge that some Darwin Skeptic scientists exist, but conclude that the number is very small. Many of those who did not want their names on this list are young academics without tenure, or academics who are concerned that “outing” them could seriously damage their career. For this reason I have a private list with well over a 1,000 names. Many on this list are secure tenured professors, teach at Christian Universities that protect their academic freedom to criticize Darwinism, or are in industry, or in a medical field where less antagonism exists when it comes to questioning Darwin. plants, animals and everything else descended from a common ancestor” (Jones, 2000, pp. Other writers avoid the words “all” or “no scientist” and claim instead that “almost no scientist” rejects Darwinism as defined above. Special Creation.” The American Biology Teacher, January, pp. In an article refuting “wiccan creationism,” the author claimed that evolutionary theory has been confirmed to such a high degree and has such great explanatory power that it is the central organizing principle of the biological sciences today. I did not add names unless the person was out-of-the-closet or gave his or her permission. How Religious are America’s College and University Professors. On my public list, I have close to 3,000 names, including about a dozen Nobel Prize winners but, unfortunately, a large number of persons that could be added to the public list, including many college professors, did not want their name listed because of real concerns over possible retaliation or harm to their careers.


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