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However, regardless of what you face, remember to spend some quality time with your children each day and ensure that proper “home-learning” takes place.The questions of whether homework is needed, what impact this type of task has on the students' development, and what amount of homework should be assigned to a child are acute. Since that years, there were many “yes” and “no” about this part of the education.

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Although some schools are refusing from using homework in their educational practices, the value from the assignment cannot be neglected. It is difficult to organize concentrated memorization and knowledge transfer into operational, short-term memory at lessons, no matter how well they are conducted.

To “move” knowledge into long-term memory, children need a subsequent repetition, which requires a certain amount of work and time.

The essence of the matter is that the material learned during the class is intensively forgotten in the 10-12 hours after its perception.

The scientific survey shows that children can reproduce about 44% of the words after an hour after class, and 28% material is remembered after 2.5-8 hours.

Homework assignments contribute to students' knowledge transfer from RAM to long-term memory. Another fact is the function of screwing up knowledge and skills of the child that he may have missed because of not being in health for a long time.

When doing homework, a student receives the necessary knowledge and deepens it. Another function is making a student an adult, developing his perseverance and social responsibility for taking the task.The inspiration to work harder on the next project occurs when kids feel good about their accomplishments. You can create a positive atmosphere for your child by following these nine simple tips. Get your child organized by developing a schedule for homework assignments, projects, and tests.Post all homework assignments and projects on a wall calendar (or the refrigerator, as I did) for easy viewing.Share your email address with teachers in order to stay up-to-date on important assignments, special projects, and tests.Check your school’s website regularly for homework updates.• Watch your child for signs of failure and frustration.Let your child take a short break if he is having trouble keeping his mind on an assignment, and provide plenty of positive reinforcements daily.In other words, work together in harmony and demonstrate as a parent how these new skills relate to adult duties and responsibilities.• When your child asks for help, provide guidance, not answers.Cooperate with the teacher because it shows your child that the school and home are working jointly as a team, and follow the directions given by the teacher.Speak positively about your child’s school and never ever criticize the teacher or principal in front of the child.


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