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Interviewers want to see analytical thinking, creative problem-solving and data-driven reasoning.You have a 10-minute window to discuss pricing strategies for a new pair of wireless headphones with the Sales Director. You call 3 random friends of yours who live there and ask each independently if it's raining.Say what you wish to say and say it with confidence,” Kamboj advises.

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“People do not regularly articulate their internal thought process so if you do not practice articulating that process before your interview, your description is less likely to be clear,” says Mike Cox, President of “If you have the money and time to hire a career coach who is experienced in case interview preparation, that’s ideal, but even just enlisting a friend or family member to help you can create a step-change improvement in performance.” Come Equipped Before heading out to the interview, “make sure you bring a notebook to take notes, watch to track time and calculator in case you need to do some calculations,” says Ask Questions There’s nothing wrong with getting more information in order to clarify and help inform your own approach, so don’t be shy about asking interviewers questions.

“Look at case interviews more like an interactive session with your interviewer and less like a test that you are required to complete on your own,” Chancey recommends.

If you’re interested in consulting, you’ve almost certainly heard of a case interview — a job interview in which you are presented with, and asked to solve, specific business challenges.

But increasingly, case interviews aren’t just for consultants.

Marketers often have a love/hate relationship with case studies.

Writing case studies can be nothing short of a chore.All of this can inform how you answer the question.If you haven’t been given a question to prepare for in advance, look up Glassdoor to see which questions previous candidates have been asked, or simply search online for “case interview questions.” Look at how others have answered them, and think about how you would answer them yourself.So always make sure to bring your unique perspective to the table.The Best Consulting Firms to Work for in 2019 Why Bain Is Home to Your Dream Job 50 Most Common Interview Questions The Ultimate Guide to Job Interviews 7 Things to Research Before Any Job Interview What Is a Job Simulation & How Can You Prepare for One?How to Prepare for a Job Interview Exam or Assignment Are You Prepared for Your Job Interview?Don’t Say Yes Before Reading This 8 Things to Bring to Every Job Interview How To Follow Up After an Interview (With Templates!The headphones come in a variety of colors, connect with any Bluetooth capable device and will be sold at select big-box retail stores in North America. Each of your friends has a 2/3 chance of telling you the truth and a 1/3 chance of messing with you by lying. What is the probability that it's actually raining in Seattle?Regardless of what question you are asked, there is rarely one correct answer.“Case interviews do not have right or wrong answers more so because the candidate is working with limited or hypothetical information.What interviewers are really looking for is the candidate's ability to think logically and analytically to come up with feasible solutions to a problem,” says Chris Chancey, founder of Research If you’ve been given the question ahead of time, make sure to research everything you can about it.


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