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("Bunny" is just an affectionate name for a rabbit, young or adult, according to Small Pet Select.) After four to five weeks, a kit can care for itself.In two or three months it is ready to start a family of its own.

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It was decorated with luscious metals and some walls were made out of one huge slab of obsidian that has been polished and evenly spread to the outer granite walls.

After exiting the temple, the character would then oversee the surrounding environment and it is at this moment that the character’s perspective becomes my perspective, too.

The architecture of the city also had features of animals such as wolves, bears and eagles.

The central character, whose perspective was also my perspective within the dream, would descend the tall flight of stairs.

It was as if the wood was still alive, like a tree but some parts were polished and very smooth.

The western part of the horizon showed distant mountains and a river that flows through the center of the city.

At the bottom of the stairs were a diverging pathway.

The pathways were each made of different rocks and diverged to the different parts of the city.

Some parts of the river were very wide and it was a very prominent mode of transportation for the population of that city as I could see many different boats and ships that transferred the people to the different channels and canals that branched out from the river.

Nature’s design was very prominent in the way that people built their structures such as houses and business set-ups.


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