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Style questions test your ability to analyze word choice, sentence construction, and paragraph construction. For reading comprehension questions in this section, you'll need to be able to understand why certain words or sentences are used in a given passage or if they should be replaced with other words or sentences.Reading Comprehension questions make up approximately 48% of the section. The first, during which you will have no calculator, is 25 minutes and consists of 15 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid-in questions.

SAT Writing and Language questions focus on three main subject areas.

You've likely covered these three subjects in your English or Writing classes as you write and edit your work and other's work.

The SAT Reading section contains five passages with 52 multiple-choice questions, which means there will be about 10-12 questions for each passage.

Some passages are paired with other passages, and some have graphics, such as tables, graphs, and charts accompanying them. The SAT Reading section primarily tests critical reading skills such as the ability to read a passage and understand the conclusions the author makes, being able to understand what certain vocabulary means, and the ability to analyze the relationship between graphics and the passages they accompany.

Ideally, you should write several such essays so you can do so effectively and within 40 minutes.

Are you taking the SAT soon or beginning your preparations but aren’t sure what’s on the test?Also, at least one passage will also be accompanied by a diagram, such as a chart, table, or graph.Each of these passages will be riddled with errors in punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, and organization.You may know that there’s math, some reading, and maybe an essay you need to write, but what subjects are on the SAT, exactly?In this guide, we’ll break down the subjects you need to know to do well on each section of the SAT as well as explain what SAT Subject Tests are, how they're different from the regular SAT, and who needs to take them.In both the Academic and General IELTS Writing sections, you need to write an essay of at least 250 words.This means that your essay will be about 4-5 paragraphs long.Like the Reading section, all questions in the SAT Writing and Language are based on passages.There will be four passages and a total of 44 questions, which means each passage will be followed by 11 questions.Each passage will each cover one of the following subjects: Careers, Social Studies, Humanities, and Science.The passages will either be argument-based, explanatory, or nonfiction narrative.


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