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Lastly, add the page range of the entry you referred to. The date of publication should be written next in parenthesis and then a period. Place this information at the end of the sentence, but inside the period.

The chapter or section title comes next, along with a period. Stacey Tarini has spent more than a decade as a communications specialist, with a strong focus on writing and editing.

Lastly, include the location of the publisher and the publisher’s name.

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We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.Mistake #3: Jamming all excerpts and writing samples on one page.If your writing samples page is starting to get too long, break it up and spread it out over multiple pages.We’re getting comfortable spending long hours at the computer.But if you post your story in light gray font on a dark gray background, potential readers will take one glance at your writing and look away.List the textbook in your Works Citied page by first writing the author’s last name, followed by a comma, his first name and a period. Write the last name of the first author and the page number in parenthesis. For more than one author, include additional authors in the same format of last name and first initial, and separate the names with commas.In quotes, write the title of the book, followed by the chapter or section name in italics. Place this information at the end of the sentence, but inside the period. For more than one editor, write additional names using the first initial and last name, and separate the names with commas.When citing a textbook, follow the same rules you would for an anthology or reference collection.Although MLA and APA formats are similar, there are some differences in the citations.Four Strategies To Make Your Online Writing Shine If you want to have a reputation for being a professional writer, you must exhibit your writing online. Here is your to-do list for publishing your writing on the Web: 1. Without a centralized, official author site, your writing will have no online storefront, which means potential readers will be scattered and distracted.Learn more about Web Design Relief for author website design. Link to other websites that have published your work.


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