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Generally speaking, the organization is as follows (examples from Rothschild, G., Nelken, I., & Mizrahi, A. Functional organization and population dynamics in the mouse primary auditory cortex.

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The solution that has evolved over time is to set up the Discussion section as a "dialogue" between Results and Theories -- yours and everyone elses'.

In other words, for every experimental result you want to talk about, you find results from other publications bearing the relationship to your result that you want the reader to understand.

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These should be the first two pieces of information the reader encounters.

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How similar or variable are the response properties of neighboring neurons in A1?

While the introduction starts generally and narrows down to the specific hypothesis, the discussion starts with the interpretation of the results, then moves outwards to contextualize these findings in the general field.

The Discussion section is sort of an odd beast because it is here where you speculate, but must avoid rambling, guessing, or making logical leaps beyond what is reasonably supported for your data.

Results can take the form of data, hypotheses, models, definitions, formulas, etc.

(I imagine the Results section like a dance with swords -- sometimes you are engaging your partner with the pointy end and sometimes you are gliding along side them).


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