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This shows that even though parents wanted their children to be adapted to American culture, they still spoke in their native language so their kids do not forget their nationality. Another example of a piece of literature that has immigrants, as the main topic is a poem by Robert Frost also called "Immigrants".

This poem is about how immigrants kept coming over to America.

Many immigrants came and still continue to come to America.

People came to America because of its freedom and all the opportunity.

sets its tone immediately, with the title poem placed alone just before the thematic sections of the book unwrap themselves.

Mora makes a distinction between men’s and women’s communication right off the bat, citing a researcher who says, “…men and women may speak different languages that they assume are the same.” Thus, the first border is laid down by Mora: the line separating how the sexes communicate.

Again, Mora establishes her framework with this, the second poem in her book, showing us how inhumane borders can be erased.

Other people, however, struggle with the limitations and discrimination imposed by borders.

In “Pajarita,” the “small, gray Mexican bird/ brittle of bone, flutters at ninety/ through the large American cage/ all the comforts/ except youth.” The saintly grandmother straddles life and death as each day passes.

In “Los Ancianos,” the poet describes an old couple holding hands as they traverse the plaza, “both slightly stooped, bodies returning to the land.” Walking the fine line between the present and eternity, “They know/ of moving through a crowd at their own pace.” Our Individual and Collective Borders Since borders are demarcations, there are always two sides, and marginalization is unavoidable.


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