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In fact, as well as looking for statistics in the country where you live, you may also wish to find statistics in other countries, particularly if they have different drink driving laws.

This will help to give you a better understanding of what you are discussing, and will help to bolster your arguments.

When he was 11, during the Second World War, the Japanese invaded Shanghai and the car was confiscated, reducing the family to riding bicycles.

A few years later, his world shrank once again when he was interned in a Japanese concentration camp, where he remained for over two years.

The car would then be controlled via radio waves emitted by metal strips in the road.

“Say you were in Toronto and you dial New York, and a voice might reply saying, ‘Sorry, New York is full. ’ ” (Back then, the notion was not as far-fetched as it sounds; American engineers worked to invent a “smart highway” from the 1930s all the way until the 1990s.) Ballard failed to foresee that it would be cars, not highways, that would one day become radically smarter, their controls seized not by Big Brother but by tech bros.

A few years later, this notion would unfurl, like a corpse flower, into Over the course of a century, Ballard wrote, the “perverse technology” of the automobile had colonized our mental landscape and transformed the physical one.

But he sensed that the car’s toxic side effects — the traffic, the carnage, the pollution, the suburban sprawl — would soon lead to its demise.

And the highway, Ballard believed, was a bloody, beautiful mess.

At the time, Ballard was still a relatively obscure science-fiction writer whose novels portrayed a future beset by profound ecological crises (drought, flood, hurricane winds) and psychotic outbursts of violence.


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