Ielts Essays Band 9

According to IELTS standards, achieving a high score as band 9 denotes full command over the language.

Thus you are regarded as masterful and eloquent with no errors.

Again make sure that you don’t change your point of view midway through the answers.

Your answers should have clear position throughout and it should be backed by proper reasons and information Your answers must follow the precise format for paragraphs.

An often debated topic is whether advertising has a major influence on the growing similarity of people’s lifestyle in the modern world.

Personally, I partly agree with this opinion for a number of reasons.In case you are writing for an academic module, in task 1 you need to describe some charts, diagrams, etc and in task 2 you are required to write an essay.The essay topic is given based on some contemporary problem or argument or point of view etc.From these pages I hope you can maximize your IELTS score.Thanks for dropping by IELTS Material blog and we sincerely hope you soon feel at home here with us and get the IELTS score you need and deserve!For example, it is valid to argue that many young people are trying to emulate the fashion styles of their idols.Many manage to purchase the same clothes, dye their hair and wear the same perfume as their stars do.Albeit the fact that an IELTS score 9 can only be achieved in case you score highest marks in all sections yet the IELTS essay writing section holds the biggest significance among all.According to British Council IELTS band score descriptors, the band scores are given based on 4 different criteria: In case you wrote only one side of the topic or omitted your own opinion or in the case wrote a very brief account on one of the aspects your answer won’t be considered for a perfect 9 band score.It is believed that if you have landed with a score of 9 it denotes you can converse, write and understand the language in all situations.As a matter of fact, most native English speakers do not land with a score of 9 proving your command over the language, in-depth vocabulary, and understanding.


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