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This is not something that can be learned through textbooks or endless hours, and we believe that an appreciation for the subject creates the most successful candidates.All of our English tutors are skilled in thinking outside the box, and what’s more, they’re passionate about English.

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If you’re planning to take the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme coursework in Literature in English (i.e., English A1), your goal is probably to beef up your profile for college applications.

As such, you may be aiming for the max score in the course, a seven (on a scale of 1-7).

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Rogerian Style Essay - Ib World Literature Essay

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To give yourself the best opportunity to achieve this goal, you need to be rigorous in your preparation, an attentive and engaged reader, and capable of providing critical literary analysis in both written and oral formats.

You’ll probably need some luck along the way to reach that seven, but the following guide offers some valuable advice.

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100% guarantee for top class grades The English IB requires all students to get to grips with classical literary works in order to produce well-rounded and creative essays.


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