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Make sure to find out if it is a gross or net rate.How many kids are in your daycare center’s neighborhood and how many daycare centers already exist to serve them?

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Like it or not, this will likely affect your revenue and enrollment, especially if you are offering part-time care.

In addition to analyzing your market, note your pricing structure, gross margin levels, and other nuts and bolts of your business model.

This description should basically be an elevator pitch for potential partners and business investors to get excited about what you’re offering and your unique location, philosophy, and approach. Write down particular statistics and characteristics of the neighborhood where you’ll locate your daycare center that make your center uniquely promising.

Real estate sites like Loopnet and Zillow often provide helpful demographic analyses of neighborhoods; the most in-depth info is usually on commercial properties.

For example, if the area around your future daycare center has 3,000 kids under five-years-old and only two daycare centers serving them, you’re in good shape.

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In writing your company description, make sure to pay special attention to what sets you apart.

Let’s use the example that you need 35-square-feet for every kid in a classroom up to a max classroom size of 20.

That means you need a classroom of at least 700-square-feet (20 multiplied by 35).

Another thing to watch out for with monthly rent is all the added costs.

Say your price is per square-foot and your building is 5,000 square-feet. Divide that by 12 to get your monthly rent: ,333.


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