How To Write A Qualitative Research Paper

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Discuss the benefits of your study and how stakeholders can use your results. For example, small sample sizes help you investigate research problems in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.

Also, note the limitations of your study and, if appropriate, place them in the context of areas in need of further research. However, small sample sizes undermine opportunities to draw useful generalizations from, or to make broad policy recommendations based upon, the findings.

This facilitates an understanding of the processes that led to specific outcomes, trading generalizability and comparability for internal validity and contextual and evaluative understanding.

Questions to ask yourself are: What will you actually do in conducting this study?

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How to search for and evaluate qualitative research, integrate qualitative research into systematic reviews, report/publish qualitative research. These articles provide tips on what journal editors look for when they read qualitative research papers for potential publication. Understanding and Reporting Qualitative Research: An Analytic Review and Recommendations for Submitting Authors. Because reviewers are not always familiar with qualitative methods, they may ask for explanation or justification of your methods when you submit an article.In this context, more specific research questions are generally the result of an interactive design process rather than the starting point for that process.Questions to ask yourself are: What do you specifically want to learn or understand by conducting this study?Also see Assessing Qualitative Research tab in this guide for additional information that may be helpful to authors. Because different disciplines,different qualitative methods, and different contexts may dictate different approaches to this issue, you may want to consult articles in your field and in target journals for publication.Additionally, here are some articles that may be helpful in thinking about this issue.If appropriate, describe why earlier studies using quantitative methods were inadequate in addressing the research problem.Research Questions Usually there is a research problem that frames your qualitative study and that influences your decision about what methods to use, but qualitative designs generally lack an accompanying hypothesis or set of assumptions because the findings are emergent and unpredictable.How they are presented depends upon the research philosophy and theoretical framework of the study, the methods chosen, and the general assumptions underpinning the study.Goals Describe the central research problem being addressed but avoid describing any anticipated outcomes.Why do you want to conduct this study, and why should the reader care about the results?Conceptual Framework Questions to ask yourself are: What do you think is going on with the issues, settings, or people you plan to study?


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