How To Solve Word Problem

In another word it is not restricted to Mathematics only but exceed beyond it. When a child learns the rule to solve world problem, he is actually learning the logic working behind it and seek for a way to reach the goal.

” means he needs to add together the two groups of pencils.

This is one reason why a child who can easily calculate 2 3 = 5 might struggle with a word problem that asks him to solve the same calculation.

If he can get the correct answers when you read word problems to him but not when he reads them on his own, he’s probably having trouble with reading.

How you can help: Ask your child’s teacher to read word problems out loud for classwork and tests.

If your child seems to be good at math but has trouble with word problems, here are possible reasons why—and ways you can help.

If your child is struggling with word problems, it’s important to figure out whether he has difficulty with reading in general.

Hence, it should be considered with seriousness and promoted to generate eagerness and interests within the students to develop math word problem skills.

There are few online tutoring site works towards this direction.

How you can help: Ask the teacher to help you make index cards with phrases that are commonly used in word problems.

For example, one index card might show “in all” next to the “ ” sign.


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