How To Solve Distance Word Problems

How To Solve Distance Word Problems-13
Starting at home, Umaima traveled uphill to the gift store for 45 minutes at just 8 miles per hour.

Starting at home, Umaima traveled uphill to the gift store for 45 minutes at just 8 miles per hour.

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Gary started driving at am from city A towards city B at a rate of 50 mph.

At a rate that is 15 mph higher than Gary's, Thomas started driving at the same time as John from city B towards city A.

It would be helpful to use a table to organize the information for distance problems.

A table helps you to think about one number at a time instead being confused by the question.

If the rate of the first train is 72 mph and the rate of the second train is 78 mph, at whatt time will they pass each other? She stopped for lunch then drove for another 3 hours at a rate that is 10 mph higher than the rate before she had lunch.

If the total distance Linda traveled is 230 miles, what was the rate before lunch?Now, we know that the distance to the gift store and the distance back from the gift store is the same. Or you could view it as 3/4 times 8 times 1, is going to be-- well, it's going to be 24 over 4. That's going to be 24 over 4 which is equal to-- did I get it? So that's why I just said that the total distance is just going to be two times the distance to the gift store. So it's going to take her-- actually, she went there much slower than she came back. So it's going to be 3/4 hours is the time times an average speed of 8 miles per hour. At 9 am a car (A) began a journey from a point, traveling at 40 mph.At 10 am another car (B) started traveling from the same point at 60 mph in the same direction as car (A). Two trains, traveling towards each other, left from two stations that are 900 miles apart, at 4 pm. It's the same as the distance to the gift store. Actually, let me write that in the same green color since I'm writing all the times in green color. Average speed for the entire trip is going to be equal to the total distance, which is 12 miles, divided by her total time. So her average speed is 12 over 1, which is just 12 miles per hour. So now we're ready to calculate her average speed for the entire trip. So what you really have to do is just think in terms of go back to your basics-- total distance, total time. This first sentence right over here gives us half of the total distance, the time to the store. But that wouldn't have been right, because she's traveling those for different amounts of time. And then we get total distance divided by total time-- 12 miles per hour. And then we can figure out the distance from the store and using that and the speed to figure out her time back.


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