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This article will show you how to assign a static IP address on a Windows 10 computer.In most cases, the IP addresses for PCs or computers is automatically configured to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) by the respective router.

Once the computer has a specific address tied to it, a router can be set up to always forward certain inbound requests directly to that computer, such as FTP requests if the computer shares files over FTP.

Not using a static IP address (using a dynamic IP that does change) is a hassle if you're hosting a website, for example, because with every new IP address that the computer gets, you have to change the router settings to forward requests to that new address.

We will see three methods to do it: Right-click the network (or Wi-Fi) icon visible on Windows 10 Taskbar.

From the list of 2 options displayed, select the latter one – Open Network and Internet settings.

Instantly, a separate window will open and direct you to the Network Connections section of the Control Panel.

Right-click the network connection you need to set a static IP-address for and select ‘Properties‘ option.Go to Wi-Fi settings and scroll down a bit to locate ‘Related Settings’ section.When found click on the ‘Change adapter options’ link visible there.If you are experiencing trouble with your network connection and have it configured to DHCP then, figuring out your IP address can be quite a task.Using Static IP Address helps avert IP address conflicts between networked devices and enables their easy management.Static IP addresses are also useful for when the device's domain name is inaccessible.Computers that connect to a file server in a workplace network, for instance, could be set up to always connect to the server using the server's static IP instead of its hostname.These addresses don't change — they're static — and it makes contacting or finding someone easy.Similarly, a static IP address is useful if you host a website from home, have a file server in your network, use networked printers, forward ports to a specific device, run a print server, or use a remote access program.Even if the DNS server malfunctions, the computers could still access the file server because they communicate with it through the IP address.With remote access applications such as Windows Remote Desktop, using a static IP address means you can always access that computer with the same address.


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