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Contrary to what many specialists say, some kids do seem to function well with the radio turned on to a favorite music station.Designate specific areas for homework and studying.

Contrary to what many specialists say, some kids do seem to function well with the radio turned on to a favorite music station.Designate specific areas for homework and studying.

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Every student can have different needs and preferences when it comes to picking the right planner, and that is the first important step.

The next step is to learn to use memory boosters like flags, stars, stickers, and other items to mark upcoming dates.

The middle school years are so important for a student's academic career!

This is a time when habits are formed that will remain with students through highs school and college.

Time management is also important when it comes to getting individual assignments done on time.

Big problems can occur when you take too much time on a certain assignment, and then discover you don't have time to finish a big project that's due in the morning.

Successful students understand the importance of taking charge of their personal time and space, first and foremost.

Once you're out the door, your job is to be punctual and ready for the school day.

It is so important to establish good note-taking skills for your math classes because math is a discipline that you learn in layers.

You Learning styles are more important for some students that for others, but the one thing that a learning style quiz can tell you is which type of active study strategies might work best for you.


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