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Unlike any other travel stroller, the Ant also can be rolled when folded, making it easier for traveling parents to handle the millions of things they need to do when at the airport. I look back at the photos of that first trip and still get teary-eyed.

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I would have my packing list down to a science in order to fly with the least amount of things so nothing could slow down my adventures.

I had all the loyalty cards you can imagine and accrued more miles that I could spend.

He swam in the pool, touched the sand, met some of our friends and was all giggles and snuggles.

Our first adventure as a family was such a success it encouraged us to keep doing it.

Slowly, the actual results of the study were blurred, and the only piece left in the headlines doesn’t even resemble the truth.

We were eager to eat up this idea that homework was pointless because it made parenting easier.It’s most likely all that extra help that makes in-class work more useful. Nobody does a perfect job every day they go to work, and no business is full of perfect employees.Teachers are the same as everyone else, there are good ones and bad ones, and they have good days and bad days.It’s also a chance for teachers to check how well their students understand what they’ve taught them, and give feedback that helps them improve or get back on track.Cooper’s study wasn’t just gushing about how great homework is.There will be days your kid’s teacher gives homework that helps, and days they give homework that hurts.If children are better able to complete work with a teacher present, parents need to be that teacher.The reason we keep hearing that homework is useless mostly due to the twisted game of telephone playing out in the media.Cooper’s study was quoted in Kohn’s book, Kohn was quoted in articles, and then other articles pulled the most sensational parts, turning them into clickbait pieces that drive traffic.When your children do their homework, check in on them. And if they are, don’t just give them the answer, help them problem-solve. He and his wife raised their child in China for the first four years of his life, and in Tennessee ever since.He contributes to a number of comedy and parenting websites, ranging from The Onion's Star Wipe to Redstar's Qingdao Family.


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